Stereotypes About Zodiac Signs That Are Actually True, According To Reddit

Let’s admit it, while many zodiac stereotypes may seem ridiculous, there’s a grain of truth to some of them. Here’s a peek at what people on the online forum Reddit say are true stereotypes of zodiac signs, based on their actual experience.


  • “Extra AF”
  • “Volcanic anger that lasts 10 minutes and then being perfectly normal.”
  • “We love to be there for the ones we care about, so much we show it aggressively”
  • “We do enjoy the “cat and mouse” type of chase. We also enjoy it when people are direct with us, as much as we try to be ourselves.”
  • “Always being “GO GO GO” until they’re on the verge of exhaustion.”


  • “Funny af. They make for great siblings.”
  • “They’ll put a pretty penny down for something extra nice for themselves.”
  • “Very much into self indulgence from the Taureans I know! And gourmands as well”
  • “Extremely dependable and unchanging. Sloooooooow to act.”
  • “Never wrong. Don’t know what on earth you’re talking about, but you’re most definitely not wrong.”

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  • “I’m never ever bored. I always find things to do or entertain myself with.”
  • “Friendly, outgoing, easy to talk to, sometimes long winded”
  • “They don’t stick to norms , they push the envelope and this rubs people the wrong way.”
  • “I personally need constant stimulation and it can be exhausting for family and friends”
  • “I do endlessly think. It’s a constant stream of consciousness, and I love it, but it moves very very fast”

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  • “They can be quite guarded if they are uncomfortable, i.e. the shell.”
  • “We shower people with too much love but if you make us feel defensive then we will put up a strong wall and nothing is getting through.”
  • “They are emotionally intuitive and can immediately understand a number of responses both emotionally and rationally”
  • “Cancers are caretakers and children all at once.”
  • “Cancers often struggle with establishing and maintaining healthy emotional boundaries.”


  • “Strong character. Just generally a strong and extremely confident person/personality.”
  • “They are sensitive and extremely caring big mama energy!”
  • “Ultimate hype man, always makes you feel confident and points out your good qualities”
  •  “They love nice things and love to attract attention for their looks using makeup and clothing/accessories.”
  • “Big personalities without being extremely obnoxious or demanding attention”


  • “We appreciate the beauty in everything, even when others can’t see it.”
  • “We’re analytical but not heartless. We just don’t convey ‘Golden Retriever’ energy.”
  • “We’re often the doctor who gives you a shit diagnosis and hands you the prescription.”
  • “Every Virgo I’ve met is very particular and likes their things a certain way.”
  • “IMO, the Virgos I know of seem to be judgmental more towards themselves.”


  • “Incredibly smart, great temperament and always smiling.”
  • “It is hard for them to pick food or clothes or places to go.”
  • “They keep things pretty light hearted and fun.”
  • “They are very just. They are extremely benevolent and giving.”
  • “They are nice and kind, funny, entertaining but get bored really easily and ghost people”


  • “They do have a touch of moodiness but they are so naturally goofy and sweet around the people that they care about.”
  • “We have walls up and it takes a lot to have us love you. But if you make it through, we give you our love”
  • “We feel that hurt more than other signs and can carry it with us maybe forever. Most won’t really do anything about it. We just won’t ever forget or trust you again.”
  • “They actually attract the wrong people very very easily, and they often don’t know it
  • “98% of Scorpios I know are kind, loving and sweet like they can be aggressive when provoked though”


  • “Being an extroverted spazz, and a people person. I love my space, and being alone.”
  • “They’re creative, curious, smart thinkers, restless, independent and kind hearted to the bone.”
  • “Generally adventurous, smart & fun people to be around.”
  • “Very opinionated, blunt, and sometimes self-boasting (not as much as other fire signs)”
  • “Commitment isn’t an issue. We just don’t like wasting our time, but once we decide to commit we’re pretty loyal.”


  • “Their focus on obligation extends to way more than just work, it extends to relationships, their own inner healing and moral understanding, making sure they’re living the best lives possible.”
  • “Our biggest motivations are our loved ones and improving ourselves, knowing you can always do better in every aspect”
  • “They’re not cold-hearted, they just express and process their emotions in a way that’s not as obvious to an outside observer than other signs do.”
  • “You have to put in the work to get to know a Cap, they don’t just hand it to you.”
  • “I will be perceived as mean as long as people don’t want to hear the truth or my honest opinion. People want wishy washy stuff that’s easy to digest.”


  • “Avoidant of emotions, but are very emotional and struggle with being vulnerable.
  • “March to a beat of my own drum. My own sense of style.”
  • “Very blunt, honest, straight to the point, down to earth.”
  • “Humanitarianism. They are progressive-thinkers and don’t like to see anyone struggling.”
  • “Strange beings as we come up with unusual ways of doing things, out of this world types, weird, robotic”


  • “They’re almost always super nice people. They tend to be genuinely caring and are that friend you can call up at 3 am to talk about your problems with.”
  • “They are definitely emotional and creative beings”
  • “Pisces I know would just make too many plans with people he’d have to cancel some of them because he can’t be in two places at once.”
  • “I don’t like the addict stereotype but it does apply to me…..”
  • “They’re charming, bright, and just go with the flow”

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