The Biggest Misconception Of Each Zodiac Sign

Misconception: Aries are hot tempered.

Truth: Aries aren’t quick to anger, but when they do get pushed to that point, things usually get wild. Most Aries need to be pushed to their limit before they explode.

Misconception: Taurus are stubborn.

Truth: Taurus isn’t stubborn. They tend to be more assertive and protective of their boundaries, which can come off as stubborn. You’ll have to earn their trust first.

Misconception: Geminis aren’t loyal

Truth: When a Gemini cares about someone, they’re all in. But if they sense betrayal, this loyalty can quickly turn into vengeance. Once a Libra is done caring, it’s like you were never part of their life.

Misconception: Cancers are crybabies

Truth: Cancers aren’t crybabies, they’re comfortable with vulnerability. They are less self-conscious about expressing how they feel, which includes occasionally crying.

Misconception: Leos love the spotlight.

Truth: A lot of Leos struggle with their self-confidence, especially growing up, and feel uncomfortable with the spotlight. However, Leos tend to naturally attract attention anyway, even if they don’t like it.

Misconception: Virgos are control freaks.

Truth: Virgos tend to be perfectionists of their own world, and don’t really care about controlling others. But because they are usually able to do their job well, they often get roped into leadership or feel obliged to take charge.

Misconception: Libras are door mats.

Truth: Libras aren’t door mats. They are peacekeepers by nature, and don’t mind compromising if it means resolving a conflict (especially if they don’t care that much). To people who don’t like to “back down” or “give in”, Libras may appear like people-pleasers. Actually, if push comes to shove, Libras are capable of standing their ground.

Misconception: Scorpios are evil.

Truth: Scorpios aren’t evil, they’re creatures that don’t go looking for trouble. But if someone pushes them, Scorpios tend to retaliate back 10x harder, which make them seem like the evil villain.

Misconception: Sagittarius don’t care about other people’s feelings.

Truth: It’s not that Sagittarius don’t care – they think it’s more important to be honest to people they care about. These signs value honesty and loyalty over sugarcoating to spare feelings.

Misconception: Capricorns are boring.

Truth: Capricorns are actually some of the most fun-loving signs. But they only share this side of them with people they like enough to. They’re very selective about who gets to see their interesting side.

Misconception: Aquarius are emotionless.

Truth: Aquarius signs are actually very emotional beings, but they’re also good at controlling when to show them. When it comes to conflicts, they choose to focus on fixing the problem rather than dwelling on their own feelings.

Misconception: Pisces can’t stand up for themselves.

Truth: It’s not that Pisces doesn’t have a backbone, but they’re willing to let things slide because they’re highly empathetic signs. They have an uncanny ability to see through people and intuitively understand why they behave the way they do.

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