What Scares You The Most, According To Your Zodiac Sign (Super Accurate)

“Literally 100% true.

Each Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Fear

Aries: Afraid of being totally alone in the world.

Taurus: Fear of the uncertainty that comes with major life changes.

Gemini: Being left alone with their thoughts.

Cancer: Being abandoned by loved ones.

Leo: Being ignored, or worse, seen as underwhelming.

Virgo: Looking like a fool in front of everyone.

Libra: Making the wrong decision.

Scorpio: Fear of being betrayed by a loved one.

Sagittarius: Afraid of being tied down by their finances, job or relationship.

Capricorn: Being mediocre and being seen as a total flop in the eyes of others.

Aquarius: Not making a unique impact on the world.

Pisces: Facing the harsh realities of the world.

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