How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Conflict

Aries: Was the one who started the fight.

Taurus: Quietly avoids the conflict. If it still doesn’t go away, blow up.

Gemini: Talks in circles until you question what y’all were arguing about

Cancer: Ruthlessly brings up the thing you’re most insecure about.

Leo: All out war. Everyone loses.

Virgos: Fights it out like a lawyer.

Libra: Tries to be nice hoping it’ll blow over.

Scorpio: Fight, plot revenge, sleep.

Sagittarius: Fights dirty by bringing up something you did 20 years ago.

Capricorn: Argues their point calmly until you agree that they’re right.

Aquarius: Takes out their phone and starts recording the conflict cos they think it’s funny.

Pisces: Automatically assumes it’s their fault and avoids you for 3 weeks.

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