Who Each Zodiac Sign is Secretly Trying to Impress

Aries: Their new neighbors at the neighborhood BBQ, aggressively showing off their grilling chops.

Man in Gray Sweater Talking to His Friend while Holding a

Taurus: The restaurant sommelier, by ordering the *expensive* bottle of wine.

Gemini: Their social media followers, posting about the latest drama in their life

Surprised young woman browsing mobile phone

Cancer: Their partner’s best friend, cooking a six-course meal from scratch.

Leo: Their coworkers, taking them out for lunch and smugly footing the bill

Woman Paying with Card and Smiling

Virgo: The staff at the DIY hardware store.

Libra: Their book club members with a Pinterest-worthy snack table

High angle of crop faceless female in stylish dress putting olives into small bowl while serving wooden table with various appetizers during picnic in garden

Scorpio: All of their crush’s group of friends (except their crush)

Sagittarius: That cool travel blogger on Instagram

Crop unrecognizable woman taking photo of aged building on smartphone during vacation

Capricorn: The salesperson at the computer store, correcting them on the specs of the latest gadget.

Aquarius: The self-checkout machine at the grocery store, by scanning and bagging their items with lightning speed

Pisces: One of their favorite musicians, by telling them they liked a song that they wasn’t actually theirs.

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