9 Eye-Opening Virgo Man Facts (SHOCKING)

Virgo men are one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. Often perceived as shy, cold and robotic, few people realize Virgo men have much more depth than meets the eye.

If you want to truly understand the infamous Virgo men, scroll down to find out how they tick.

9 Surprising Facts About Virgo Men

He Gives Off A Bad Boy Energy

Virgo men can give off a type of intellectual bad boy vibe, kind of like a badass corporate lawyer. When people say “he’s too smart for his own good”, it’s probably referring to a Virgo male. He’s smart but its not like he wants to save puppies and kittens with that intelligence, unless it benefits him. It’s a fact that Virgo men don’t care what others think about them.

He Has A Tendency To Gaslight

Many Virgo men have a habit of gaslighting. That’s because despite their intelligence, they’re usually weak in emotional intelligence, more so than their female counterparts. Coupled with their self-confidence, they rarely think they’re in the wrong. Since the Virgo sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of lies and communication, Virgo men tend to have narcissistic tendencies that result in gaslighting.

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He’s The Stereotypical “Nice Guy”

Virgo men tend to fit the “Nice Guy” stereotype – they may come across as kind, reserved and have good manners, projecting an image of innocence (“virgins”) and perfection. However, beneath the surface, some Virgo men can be controlling, insincere and manipulative, as a result of being perfectionists who hyperfocus on flaws.

He Wants An Ice Queen

Deep down, most Virgo men dream of a woman who has her life together, is independent, elegant, and sophisticated. They want a woman who can take on the caretaker role in relationships, or be their “mommy” in a sense. However, this dynamic can lead to conflicts due to Virgo men’s hypercritical and insecure tendencies.

He Has A Bit Of A God Complex

Virgo men, despite being hard on themselves, often harbor a sense of superiority, believing they are better than others. They tend to take over tasks believing they can do them more efficiently, and freely give advice while neglecting their own. This behavior stems from a subtle “God complex,” where they think they know best but struggle to apply the same standards to themselves.

virgo men god complex

He’s A Perfectionist

Virgo men have high standards, even finding fault even in themselves. They often feel no one meets their expectations, including themselves, and this self-criticism can lead to a constant feeling of dissatisfaction.

He’s A Great Listener

The best part of being with a Virgo man is you can rely on him to offer helpful advice and guidance if you have any problems in your life. Virgo men are good listeners, because they pay close attention to details and take their responsibilities as a friend or partner seriously.

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He Loves To Psychoanalyze People

Virgo men might annoy others by constantly analyzing people, including those they love. They often act like they’ve been through the same issues and have all the answers, which can be frustrating.

He Loves Self-Improvement

One of the best things about Virgo men is they’re all about self-improvement. This usually inspires growth in you too, if you’re in a relationship with one. By supporting each other’s goals and offering constructive feedback, the relationship fosters personal development.

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1. What attracts Virgo men?

Leo men are often drawn to someone who is bold and outgoing, yet also has a kind and genuine nature. They want someone who admires them, as Leo men thrive on admiration and validation.

2. Can I still attract a Virgo man if he’s not interested?

Yes, it’s possible to capture a Virgo man’s heart, even if he seems disinterested. Find out more on this next page.

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